Majority of students, faculty approve of new construction in downtown Elon

89 students and faculty polled informally about opinions of construction

Marlena Chertock

MARCH 2, 2011

The new building, which will be called Elon Town Center, will house the Elon bookstore and Pendulum office. Photos courtesy of John McDonald.

A majority of students and faculty polled informally March 2 are in favor of the new construction going on in downtown Elon.

In an informal poll of 89 students and faculty Wednesday, March 2, 65 were in favor of the construction, 16 were not in favor and 8 had no opinion.

There was a groundbreaking ceremony for the Elon Town Center on the lawn across from the McEwen Dining Hall at 9:30 a.m. President Leo Lambert addressed faculty, construction workers and a few students.

Construction in downtown Elon has been going on since last week. The new 24,000 square foot building will house the campus bookstore and The Pendulum student newspaper.

The construction has caused a continual banging and noise that can be heard throughout West Area. The echoes of construction can be heard bouncing off the walls of the Alamance classroom building.

The stores, restaurants and services that students, faculty and campus workers would like to see most are healthy food stores or restaurants, groceries and pharmacies, according to the poll. More clothing stores is another desired retail option that students and faculty said they wanted.

The new construction will not only benefit campus but also the community, senior Anna Hunsucker said.

“When I come back in the next couple of years, it’d be great to see some new restaurants, maybe a few little shopping outlets to make this more of a bigger town feeling,” Hunsucker said. “I think that would be great for the community as well. So it’s not just secluded Elon students here, we’re bringing in much more of Burlington that way.”

Faculty and construction workers gathered in the space where the Elon Town Center will be built for the groundbreaking ceremony March 2, 2011. Photo by Marlena Chertock.

Sophomore Gabe Latigue wants to see more clothing stores and small restaurants, he said.

“I think seeing new stores with places for students to shop and spend their time hanging out is a great idea,” Latigue said.

Pat McCaskill who works in downstairs McEwen Dining Hall agreed with Latigue.

“The clothing stores around here are too expensive for me,” she said.

She wants to see clothing stores that are not quite as expensive, she said.

Other students said they wanted clothing boutiques in downtown Elon.

Ross Wade, assistant director of career services for the School of Communications, would like to see more industries in the area, like graphic design companies or a music shop, he said.

“And more restaurants other than the two we have,” he said. “Those get old quickly.”

Senior Clinton Edmondson said he wants to see restaurants that stay open longer than a year and more clothing options.

“Elon doesn’t have much for shopping,” Edmondson said. “The closest stuff is an hour away in Raleigh.”

Senior Kaitlin Buck said a Mongolian Grille and frozen yogurt shop would be a huge hit at Elon.

“It’s fun and good food,” Buck said. “If they put a frozen yogurt place that would be really successful because I know everyone goes to YoZone, but that’s not close to campus.”

Sophomore Taylor Broderick said she wanted to see a bigger campus shop and better restaurants that have more variety.

“I feel that Elon is expanding and there really should be more here for the amount of students we have and are getting,” she said. “I think it would make the campus much more desirable.”


Elon University President Leo Lambert talks about why the Elon Town Center is being built

Sophomore Taylor Broderick talks about why Elon should be constructing new stores and restaurants

Senior Anna Hunsucker talks about the new downtown Elon construction


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