Second week at USA TODAY

Has it been the second week at USA TODAY already?


Monday my editor went over my story ideas and helped me flesh them out to become broader, more suitable for a national audience. I am still fleshing out the ideas.

I also added some Google+ users to the USA TODAY Google+ account. And I had my second experience with Pinterest. I first used Pinterest at WTOP when I was adding to their Friday Freebies board. Today I added a bunch of pins to USA TODAY’s Great American Bites board and Daily Snapshots board and created a StudioA board.

I also brainstormed with another intern what kind of social media we could produce for Father’s Day. We liked a history focus — where does Father’s Day come from? The brainstorm session turned into a photo gallery outlining the history of Father’s Day.


Tuesday night, after interning and scheduling lots of posts on several social media sites, I was invited to attend the Society of Professional Journalists Hall of Fame Award Dinner at the National Press Club, in D.C. I was awarded the Sigma Delta Chi Foundation of Washington, D.C. (SDXDC) Scholarship. It was very exciting to attend the dinner and network with journalists and media professionals in the D.C. area.


Wednesday I researched LinkedIn and USA TODAY’s audience on LinkedIn. I made an Excel spreadsheet that compares several media organization’s frequency and type of posts. It was interesting to compare other organizations and find ways I can improve my LinkedIn posts for the specific USA TODAY audience.


Today I helped to decide what stories would be placed on the Timehop app. We searched for photos, interesting stories from the past and wrote a few lines for each story, as it would appear on the app. Timehop is an interesting concept. It takes your status updates from Facebook, Twitter and other social sites and shows what you were posting about today one year ago, three years ago, six years ago — it can be fun to see. And USA TODAY has stories from years ago below your statuses.


Today I organized weekend content. I scheduled a dozen or so posts for the weekend on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Tumblr. I also organized next week’s content for the USA TODAY Interns Tumblr with the social media marketing intern.

Tomorrow starts my third week! Check back for updates and read my stories hereKeep track of my tweets here.


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