Reporting reactions of DOMA and Proposition 8 at the Supreme Court

On June 26, 2013 I was a mobile multimedia reporter for USA TODAY, covering reactions to the gay marriage decisions. I got to the Supreme Court at 8:30 a.m. and began reporting.

  1. Heading down to the Supreme Court to cover reactions to the #gaymarriage decision today. Follow my & @alexlaughs tweets, Vines & Instagrams
  2. Throughout the day, I used Twitter, Vine and Instagram to report on different aspects of the story and share instantaneously with the newsroom and the public.
  3. The view outside the Supreme Court
  4. Harrison Griffith, 14, flew from Calif. yesterday to see the decision of the #gaymarriage case.
  5. Larry Cirignano hopes the Court upholds #DOMA
  6. The pro #gaymarriage protesters chanting in front of the steps of the Supreme Court.
  7. The plaintiffs from #prop8 before they went into the courthouse
  8. Pro #gaymarriage supporters chanting “thank you” to the plaintiffs in the #prop8 case
  9. The steps outside the Supreme Court are growing crowed with #gaymarriage supporters and opponents of #gaymarriage
  10. #Gaymarriage supporters sing “Lean on Me” in front of the Supreme Court
  11. The view across the street from the Supreme Court #SCOTUS
  12. At 9:41 a.m. the steps outside the Supreme Court are crowded with signs, flags and protestors for and…
  13. Small crowds have formed by the fountains on the steps closest to the Supreme Court entrance, people are awaiting the decision announcement
  14. The gay marriage supporters have started cheering
  15. Protesters cheer “DOMA is dead” outside the Supreme Court #DOMA
  16. Candice Vacin and wife Sara Vacin drove overnight from Buffalo, NY to be here for the Court’s ruling
  17. Court runners from #SCOTUS
  18. The scene after the Court’s rulings
  19. Workers from the U.S. Department of Labor came to celebrate the #gaymarriage ruling on their lunch break
  20. Here are a collection of my Instagram photos of protestors with signs.
  21. One #DOMA opponent brought a door turned sign to the steps of the Supreme Court.
  22. Internet humor on a #gaymarriage supporters sign
  23. #gaymarriage supporters brought many different signs to the Court
  24. The Executive Vice President of NOW Bonnie Grabenhofer outside the Supreme Court in support of…
  25. One protestor in support of #DOMA set up a large poster across from the Supreme Court
  26. Rev. McCrory of @wabaptists holds a sign showing Baptist clergy support of #marriageequality
  27. A #gaymarriage supporter holds a sign by the steps of the Supreme Court before the decision was announced
  28. Kimberly Parekh, D.C., Chandra Denap, Alexandria, Va., Karina Noyes, D.C. and Angie Peltzer, D.C. came…
  29. Read the USA TODAY story I helped contribute to.
  30. Across nation, gays celebrate court rulings via @USATODAY (I contributed to the story!)

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Marlena Chertock's first collection of poetry, On that one-way trip to Mars, is available from Bottlecap Press. Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Marketplace, and WTOP. Her poems and fiction has appeared in The Deaf Poets Society, Moonsick Magazine, and Paper Darts.

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