I am proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I created websites and interactive graphs for classes, projects and jobs.

These are my design and interactive clips:

Maryland lawmakers keep, donate shutdown pay


I work as a web designer/coder at the College Park Bureau for Capital News Service (CNS). Members of Congress are still being paid during the government shutdown. This interactive chart shows which have decided to donate their pay to charities or keep their paychecks.

Fact-checking Gov. Martin O’Malley vs. Gov. Rick Perry

Fact-checking O'Malley and Perry

I created this interactive chart which fact-checks the recent statements by both governors praising his own state. O’Malley and Perry appeared on CNN’s debate series “Crossfire.” It is made with pure CSS and JavaScript, based on this design.

Bird-friendly coffee farms

bird-friendly coffee map

I created this interactive map using TileMill to show locations of bird-friendly coffee farms. TileMill is an application you download to your computer and use to code maps with many styles and zoom levels. The application uses a mixture of HTML, CSS and its own CartoCSS, a cartography-based CSS.

Maryland casino revenue

Gross Revenue at Maryland CasinosI work as a web designer/coder at the College Park Bureau for Capital News Service (CNS). I create interactive graphs and maps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Highcharts and TileMill. View two of these graphs in a story about Maryland casinos.

16 and license-less

logofinalFor my interactive multimedia storytelling course I had to hand-code a website to visualize a 2,000-word story I wrote. This website describes the trend of teens receiving their drivers licenses at older ages. I created interactive charts, maps and accordions. I learned about responsive design, how to use jQuery, JavaScript accordions and charts and media queries.

UMD Food Recovery Network

UntitledThis was my final multimedia project for an online journalism course. I hand-coded HTML, CSS and used Dreamweaver for the project. I reported on the Food Recovery Network, which repackages unused food from University of Maryland campus diners and donates it to local food banks. This food would otherwise go to waste. I shot and edited a video and created a Google Map of local food banks and an interactive timeline of the Food Recovery Network’s creation.

The DMV Report

This blog was for an online journalism course. The DMV Report was an aggregation and analysis of websites that cover news from D.C., Maryland and Virginia. This included crime, local features, weather, breaking news and more. The analysis included the type of news covered, how social media and multimedia was used, website design and more.

The Writers’ Bloc

For the 2011-2012 school year, I was the online editor of The Writers’ Bloc, a literary-focused newspaper at the University of Maryland which I helped to create. The Writers’ Bloc is University of Maryland’s Jiménez-Porter Writers’ House newspaper and is printed monthly and updated weekly online. As the online editor, I created the website, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Youtube channel and managed all of these aspects of the newspaper. I am now the editor-in-chief of the paper.

Habonim Dror Camp Moshava blog

I was the communications specialist for Habonim Dror Camp Moshava in the summer of 2011 and 2012.

These blogs serve as a way for Mosh parents to keep up with what their kids did at camp. I created the blogs, wrote daily posts, took photos and videos of daily events at Camp Mosh as well as special events and responded to parent e-mails and inquiries. I served as the Communications Specialist for the first month (first session) of camp both summers, and another specialist took over for the second session.

Revolutions and Protests

This was my web curation blog for my Editing and Design course, in spring 2011. I posted an assortment of articles, links, videos and information to direct readers to learn more about the Egyptian and Middle East protests of 2011 — what has become known as the Arab Spring. The blog serves as a collection of articles and other sources of information on this topic.


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