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The Washington Post

National Park Seminary neighborhood homes offer a cultural smorgasbord, August 1, 2013
Potomac’s ‘Bill the Barber’ is a marathon man, July 17, 2013

The Gazette

In the path of the Purple Line, August 28, 2013
A virtual ride on the Purple Line, August 28, 2013
Sounding off on the Purple Line in Montgomery County, August 28, 2013
Potomac man completes 100 marathons, July 17, 2013
Montgomery County merging data with maps, starting with food, July 31, 2013
Montgomery County drops case of Damascus speed camera ticket, July 5, 2013
Teams compete to out-sew in fair fashion competition, August 13, 2013
Takoma Park children feed their hungers at lunch and learn sessions, August 5, 2013


Write-ins: Support groups for NaNoWriMo, November 2012
Trumpeting for action: PETA protests use of circus elephants, November 2012
Battleground Virginia inundated this campaign season, November 2012
‘Fifth page of Constitution shown at National Archives, September 2012
Holiday Helpers: Where to volunteer this season, 2012


Across the nation, gays celebrate court rulings, June 26, 2013
Justin Bieber hits a record 40 million Twitter followers, June 5, 2013

College Park Patch

At UMD Absorbing Language Takes 24-7 Use, December 2012

The Writers’ Bloc

Visible Brush Strokes: Impasto Painting, December 2012
Wearing words for a week, April 2013
Changing careers for the love of poetry, April 2012
Reclaiming D.C.’s history: new online resource lists famous local writers, January 2012

The Diamondback

Professor to embark on archaeology adventure, March 2012
Alumnus hosts bilingual open mic to eliminate borders, January 2012

The Public Asian

Yellow Rage spreads activism through poetry, April 2012
Asian Fortune family pays tribute to founder Jay Chen, March 2012

The Pendulum

Seasonal workers at Elon University face inequalities, April 2011
Campus Cuttery, September 2010
Commemorating the courage of four, January 2010
Pedaling to California, September 2010
‘Getting up to your elbows in computer guts’, April 2011
Student starts homeless newspaper in Greensboro, December 2010

Online Projects

Over the last four years I have been honing my online skills. I have created several websites and blogs for classes, projects and jobs. I am very comfortable with the WordPress platform, HTML and Dreamweaver. I am teaching myself CSS and other CMS platforms and hope to venture into Flash, Javascript and other coding languages. I want to know how to design graphics, multimedia, interactive maps and more. View a few of the websites I’ve created here.

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