Frankie the Balloon Artist

October, 2010

In my Digital Media Convergence class we had to tell a story through photos and audio.  There were no other restrictions — it had to be a complete story.  During Family Weekend, my mom and sister came to visit and we went to South Point mall in Durham, NC in search of a story.  I took pictures of all of the people there who perform and entertain hoping to collect tips.  There was a singer, with kids dancing around him and putting money into his tip jars.  There was a comedian magician who moved around a lot and made fun of the audience.  And then there was Frankie, the balloon artist who happened to be a dwarf.  Originally from New York, he joined the Ringling Brothers and began creating balloon animals.  His story, I felt, compelled me the most, so I decided I would tell his.  He was a great talker and narrates his story.

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